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Mental health is a human right. It is an important aspect of overall
health that tends to be neglected especially in developing countries
like the Philippines. Unfortunately, mental health concerns become
severe especially during a pandemic like COVID-19.

By the end of the live mental health webinar, the participants will have:

  • understood the concept of mental health and its determinants
  • identified stressors during the pandemic that affect their mental health
  • been equipped with some principles in caring for their own mental health
  • addressed any questions they have relating to the topic

For companies that wish to book a live mental health webinar, please chat us for more information.

Companies we have served:

Profound Commerce Cebu Team
Mandani Bay
Mandani Bay Sales Team
Southwestern University Veterinary Medicine Student Council
Pru Life UK | LinkedIn
Pru Life UK - Team LCY
The University of Sto. Tomas School of Medicine